Thursday, September 14

Visa.... Documents

Just want to give you a quick update...

We have received today our passports from the embassy with our R-1/R-2 visas. Having been used to wait for several months for any type of document, it was suprising and very exciting to us to receive today our passports with our visas on them in less than 24 hours since we visited the consulate.

Speaking of time... for documents. We have also received today news about our Argentine document. It took the promised 4 months to be completed. Tomorrow we go and pick it up. But I need to put this into context...

Our residency process started last year about a couple of months after we arrived in Argentina. After several trips to Buenos Aires for the steps of the process... we finally got our "precaria" which is like a probatory document. During this time the immigrations office checks their records and makes sure our paperwork is order. This is good for 3 months. Then we went back to get our temporary residency. With this paper, we were able to get the Argentina document called DNI. But to get the DNI, we have first to set an appointment... then we go on the scheduled day to do the whole process of application... then we receive the good news, wait 4 months for the document to be ready.

So the bottom line is after, living in Argentina for 13 months, we are finally get to this last step of our residency process, getting the DNI.

In all of this, God has been good to us and has given us patience. After all, we can never forget that we are guests here. And we are very thankful for we have been very well received in this wonderful Country.

Wednesday, September 13

Blessings... Blessings...

Just want to share with you how the Lord is blessing us in preparation for our furlough time in the US:
  • We were able to find an extraordinary price on our tickets for all of our air travel during our furlough time. The price is completely unusual for all the travel that we are doing. And it's not as if we have bought tickets a long time ago, actually we made reservations and bought the tickets last week. God is Good!!
  • Today we visit the US Consulate in Buenos Aires to finish up the details regarding our R-1 visa application to the US. Without it we would be unable to do our furlough. We came out of the consulate knowing that our visas would be issued. Praise the Lord! Now we're just waiting for our passports to arrive with the visa on them.
We were getting a little anxious with all these details, but the Lord was good to us and has proved Himself faithful time and time again.

Upcoming furlough

On October 12 we will launch ourselves into a new adventure. We will be starting our first furlough ever, and our first furlough in the USA. This will be a short furlough (only 5 weeks). But these weeks will take us from East to West of the USA.
We have three District tours scheduled:

Virginia District: Oct. 15-22
South Texas District: Oct. 25-Nov. 5
Oregon Pacific District: Nov. 7-19

We are looking forward for our time in the US and hoping that this will be a time of encouragement for the churches we will have opportunity to visit on these tours.

Thanksgiving & Prayer Requests

  • We are thankful for you – our supporters – your care and appreciation for us as family encourages us on our mission.
  • We are thankful for passing one more stage in our life as missionaries. During the RAC meetings last month we were interview as missionaries and the Council unanimously approved us to be recommended to go before the General Board.
  • For Nicole’s and André’s birthdays. Celebration is still upcoming.
  • Please pray for our upcoming short-furlough time. All the travel involved, our preparation to go, that we be a blessing to the churches that will be receiving us.
  • Please pray for the follow up and consolidation of the children and youth that were touched by the ministry of the Altos de Pilar Church.
  • As we respond to e-mails, answer phone calls, are in meetings, please pray that we may reflect Christ’s Spirit in all we do and say.

God's moving in Argentina

In this space we want to give you some highlights from South America. Most of the information will be from Argentina, since that is where we live. But we hope that we are able to send you information from other parts of South America too.
  • Last month about 850 children were touched during the Children’s day. This was the result of several weeks of outreach inviting these children to come for a special service in their day. It was exciting to see several little hands raised when the appeal was made.
  • Also last month about 170 youth were touch by the NYI group from our church. 120 of which were brand new contacts that had never have any contact with a local church.
  • August was closed by a very important time of meetings for our Region. As the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) met to work on the Regional Strategy. In April of this year we developed what was called Vision 2010, which gave us a direction of where the Region should go, this time in August, we discussed the different ways through which this strategy will be accomplished and will be incarnate in every church of South America. Resources will be made available, and people will be strategically trained so that they train people at the local level for the work of the Ministry.

A Bit about our family

It’s incredible that a year has already gone by since we first arrived in Argentina. It was on August 25, 2005 that we arrived and started this new phase in our ministries.
This was a year of many adjustments, changes and challenges. But God was faithful and through the whole process has blessed us with His presence and the assurance of His call upon our lives to serve overseas.
Although we served the first year on the Western Mediterranean Field, on Eurasia, we really didn’t have to relocate since this Field Office is in Lisbon. This second year brought us some more adaptation challenges due to our move to Buenos Aires.
One of the challenges was the language… none of us spoke Spanish, though Portuguese is closed enough for us to get by. But, especially with Nicole, it has been incredible to see the way God moved and helped her not only to learn Spanish but also English, since all her classes are in English. She did very well in 3rd grade last year, and she has started last month her 4th grade classes. André is also doing very well, though at this point he is mixing two languages in a sentence.
Both Liliana and I were blessed having born in Christian homes. We grew up knowing and loving the Lord. At an early age we made the decision for Christ and have not looked back since. And it how goal and desire that we can model this relationship we have with God in our children and that they will also grow loving the Lord.
We all enjoy traveling and knowing new places and people and watching movies (especially on DVD). Fernando likes computers, books, music - play (piano guitar) and listen (Christian music and classical Bach/Mozart). Liliana likes reading, cross-stitching, crafts, decoration. Nicole likes music; computer games and group games (like Uno and other card games). André likes to play… play… play – at his age, there’s hardly something else he would rather do.
Since we move to a more definitive house, we also have a pet. It’s a dog, and we call him “paquito”. It’s a mix of two breeds, which I can never remember, and will not grow very big.
We want to use this space to tell you bits and pieces about ourselves as family. Please write us and let us know what you would like to know about us as family.


Welcome to our blog. This is a space designed to bring us closer to you as you support our missionary assignment in prayer and encouragement.

We hope to bring missions a little closer to you as we share stories about us, our ministry and the Region of South America and the way the Lord is using the Church of the Nazarene to bring reach out all the nations on this Region.

May God bless you richly.