Wednesday, September 13

A Bit about our family

It’s incredible that a year has already gone by since we first arrived in Argentina. It was on August 25, 2005 that we arrived and started this new phase in our ministries.
This was a year of many adjustments, changes and challenges. But God was faithful and through the whole process has blessed us with His presence and the assurance of His call upon our lives to serve overseas.
Although we served the first year on the Western Mediterranean Field, on Eurasia, we really didn’t have to relocate since this Field Office is in Lisbon. This second year brought us some more adaptation challenges due to our move to Buenos Aires.
One of the challenges was the language… none of us spoke Spanish, though Portuguese is closed enough for us to get by. But, especially with Nicole, it has been incredible to see the way God moved and helped her not only to learn Spanish but also English, since all her classes are in English. She did very well in 3rd grade last year, and she has started last month her 4th grade classes. André is also doing very well, though at this point he is mixing two languages in a sentence.
Both Liliana and I were blessed having born in Christian homes. We grew up knowing and loving the Lord. At an early age we made the decision for Christ and have not looked back since. And it how goal and desire that we can model this relationship we have with God in our children and that they will also grow loving the Lord.
We all enjoy traveling and knowing new places and people and watching movies (especially on DVD). Fernando likes computers, books, music - play (piano guitar) and listen (Christian music and classical Bach/Mozart). Liliana likes reading, cross-stitching, crafts, decoration. Nicole likes music; computer games and group games (like Uno and other card games). André likes to play… play… play – at his age, there’s hardly something else he would rather do.
Since we move to a more definitive house, we also have a pet. It’s a dog, and we call him “paquito”. It’s a mix of two breeds, which I can never remember, and will not grow very big.
We want to use this space to tell you bits and pieces about ourselves as family. Please write us and let us know what you would like to know about us as family.

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