Wednesday, September 13

Blessings... Blessings...

Just want to share with you how the Lord is blessing us in preparation for our furlough time in the US:
  • We were able to find an extraordinary price on our tickets for all of our air travel during our furlough time. The price is completely unusual for all the travel that we are doing. And it's not as if we have bought tickets a long time ago, actually we made reservations and bought the tickets last week. God is Good!!
  • Today we visit the US Consulate in Buenos Aires to finish up the details regarding our R-1 visa application to the US. Without it we would be unable to do our furlough. We came out of the consulate knowing that our visas would be issued. Praise the Lord! Now we're just waiting for our passports to arrive with the visa on them.
We were getting a little anxious with all these details, but the Lord was good to us and has proved Himself faithful time and time again.

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