Wednesday, September 13

God's moving in Argentina

In this space we want to give you some highlights from South America. Most of the information will be from Argentina, since that is where we live. But we hope that we are able to send you information from other parts of South America too.
  • Last month about 850 children were touched during the Children’s day. This was the result of several weeks of outreach inviting these children to come for a special service in their day. It was exciting to see several little hands raised when the appeal was made.
  • Also last month about 170 youth were touch by the NYI group from our church. 120 of which were brand new contacts that had never have any contact with a local church.
  • August was closed by a very important time of meetings for our Region. As the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) met to work on the Regional Strategy. In April of this year we developed what was called Vision 2010, which gave us a direction of where the Region should go, this time in August, we discussed the different ways through which this strategy will be accomplished and will be incarnate in every church of South America. Resources will be made available, and people will be strategically trained so that they train people at the local level for the work of the Ministry.

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