Thursday, September 14

Visa.... Documents

Just want to give you a quick update...

We have received today our passports from the embassy with our R-1/R-2 visas. Having been used to wait for several months for any type of document, it was suprising and very exciting to us to receive today our passports with our visas on them in less than 24 hours since we visited the consulate.

Speaking of time... for documents. We have also received today news about our Argentine document. It took the promised 4 months to be completed. Tomorrow we go and pick it up. But I need to put this into context...

Our residency process started last year about a couple of months after we arrived in Argentina. After several trips to Buenos Aires for the steps of the process... we finally got our "precaria" which is like a probatory document. During this time the immigrations office checks their records and makes sure our paperwork is order. This is good for 3 months. Then we went back to get our temporary residency. With this paper, we were able to get the Argentina document called DNI. But to get the DNI, we have first to set an appointment... then we go on the scheduled day to do the whole process of application... then we receive the good news, wait 4 months for the document to be ready.

So the bottom line is after, living in Argentina for 13 months, we are finally get to this last step of our residency process, getting the DNI.

In all of this, God has been good to us and has given us patience. After all, we can never forget that we are guests here. And we are very thankful for we have been very well received in this wonderful Country.

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