Sunday, December 10

Highlights during our furlough 1

After leaving Buenos Aires on Oct. 13, our first stop was the District of Virginia. While on this district we were blessed with the opportunity to visit with a cousin who is serving in the military in Virginia Beach. We only stayed with them for one night, but it was great to see a relative right at the start of our furlough.

We had a great time in Virginia. Although, as we arrived both our kids got sick, and Andre was having a persistent fever over the first weekend. But we are thankful for God's intervention and for the assistance we were given by the churches in Virginia.

We enjoyed the colorful landscape as we travel through mountains, hills and on the highway. It's a very beautiful sight as we see a tapestry of red, yellow, green, orange colors throughout the landscape. The picture does not do full justice to the beautiful scenery we viewed.

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