Monday, December 11

Highlights during our furlough 3

Our second stop on our furlough was in Houston, TX. WOW!! That's what can be called a huge city. (big is not enough as adjective....)

We had a wonderful time on this District. As we arrived at the airport it was awesome to see a couple of familiar faces. Dr. & Mrs. Duane Srader, the District Superintendent for the District, and our good friends since the time they were missionaries in Cape Verde and Portugal, were waiting for us. We had a great time with them and Debbie and Jack - their daughter and son-in-law.

This was a very special time for Liliana and Debbie to review each other since the time they met first in Portugal but even before that in the Cape Verde Islands.

Our sceneray here was another gift from the Lord -- we were staying on an Island - facing the Gulf of Mexico coast - Galveston. So - it was wonderful to wake up every morning and be facing the sea. In Argentina, we would have had to travel 5 hrs. by car in order to get to the coast and the nice Argentina beaches. In Galveston it was just accross the road.

On this district not only did we speak in English churches, but we also got to use our rusty Spanish --- that still needs some ironing before we can call it real Spanish. But we are thankful for the pacience and the love with which we were received by these congregations.

During our time in Texas, we celebrated the Halloween feast. We had a commitment with a church on this day, and it was great to see how this popular feast was transformed into an outreach activity to the church neighbors. You can see that Nicole and Andre had a lot of fun in this event.

Also, visiting Houston, and not visiting the Johnson Space Center, is almost like going to Rome and not seeing the pope (as we say in Portuguese). We all had the opportunity of visiting the Space Center and this was an unforgetable time for both Andre and Nicole.

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