Friday, December 15

Highlights during our furlough 4

Our last part of our furlough was on the West Coast - in the Oregon Pacific District. Again we were received with great care and love by all churches, and even more, since this is our LINKS District. This was a great time to meet some of the churches that continuously during the past few months and for the next couple of years will be praying and supporting us as their LINKS missionary family.

This is a beautiful part of the Country. We had a good mix of city, mountain, and sea - and of course, lots of rain. Although, the amount of rain we had, was not the usual weather for that time of the year.

One of the many highlights on this District was having been surprised to meet a lady that was on a Work and Witness team back in 1978 to the city where Fernando was growing up - Coimbra, Portugal. We were together in a Vacation Bible School - at the time Fernando was 7 years old - and the other interesting thing, was that he found himself in a picture giving a farewell gift to Kay at the end of that time.

This reminded us of the fact that sometimes we invest our time for the Lord and don't see any immediate return -- but 28 years ago, the ministry of Kay was significant -- and the Lord made our paths cross once again on our LINKS district.

Another beautiful walk that we will keep in our memories is the beautiful walk through the woods, near Salem, near a river where we had the opportunity to see two falls of the Silver Creek falls. We enjoyed this time of relaxing with the family.... though we ended up getting all wet, when we decided to have the brilliant idea of going behind one of the waterfalls --but the strength of the water falling was such, that we got all wet.

Speaking of Salem.... again the Lord brought back memories to us, as we remembered how Salem 1st was instrumental in the planting of the second church in Coimbra. We now had the opportunity to visit this great church and see how the Lord continues to use this church in Missions. While we visited this church we were taken by Roseanne to spend some time together, and we went to a toy museum and a carousel. This time was great fun for us, but especially for the kids.

While on this District, we were hosted at several church member/pastor's homes. Thank you for making us feel at home in your home, and for the wonderful time we shared together.

We finished our tour with services in Newport and Dallas, and the location of these churches gave us the opportunity to be for the first time near the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, this was undocumented -- the weather was not cooperating, so we couldn't make any pictures.

But we finished our furlough the best way -- with a good thanksgiving dinner - our first experience to such a time in the US. We had our first thanksgiving dinner ever last year, when we first arrived in Argentina. But it's not the same celebrating it in Argentina or in the US. Thank you for giving us this cultural opportunity.

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