Thursday, December 24

December... a month full of events!

December was a month full of events in our family:

1. André's graduation
André had his first graduation. He graduated from kindergarden and is now going to his first year of elementary school. It was a joyful time for the whole family.

2. Sunday School closure at the church
Our kids also "graduated" from Sunday School. André from the 4 & 5 yr-old class, and Nicole from the 10-12 yr-old class. Ie, Nicole is now officially a teenager!
Our kids also were honored with the prizes from Buzi (the post box for all the Sunday School homework), and Nicole in her class was chosen has the best person who helped the class and thus she was honored to carry the flag for her class. All students that stand out in their classes are named and they have the honor to carry the flag.

3. Christmas Supper
As an activity of the Altos del Pilar church we had a speciall Christmas Supper. It was great to see more than 200 people arrive including members, their relatives, their friends that do not go to church very often. Nicole sang a duet with Ruben of a Christmas song. Many heard the message of the gospel for the first time.

4. Rocio and Ruben's highschool graduation
December is also the month of graduation. This year we were privileged to rejoice with Ruben and Rocio at their highschool graduation. Ruben is a young man very close to us and it was a tremendous victory in his life to finish highschool. We all rejoiced with him!

More pictures here.

Sunday, November 22

A visit to a soccer stadium

Yesterday it was a different day. Although Andre was in hospital, I went with Nicole to an Argentine soccer field (so we would not miss the tickets purchased almost a month before). But we didn't go to watch a soccer game. It was for a celebration (so they called it - I would call that a concert :-)) with the Hillsong United - the Australian Christian band.

We also had the brand new experience of riding a train in Argentina. We joined the group from the Moreno Church and went to the concert. We came back in the last train, which we though would never arrive, and we only got home almost a 3:00am. But this was a very special time for Nicole.

We heard a powerful short message, preached by the senior pastor of the Hillsong church: "The end of a season in one's life, is not THE END, but the opportunity to start something new."

Monday, November 2

A big pic-nic

We had just arrived from our home assignment time and we got word of a big event coming up for the Argentina Central District: the San Antonio de Areco pic-nic.

This is an annual event that gathers the churches from the Argentina Central District for a day of fellowship, sharing, amusement and evangelism.

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In spite of a night forecasting a wet day, the day started with a wonderful sunshine. From different parts of the district, buses and private cars began to arrive. Of course, the indispensable asado (barbecue) and choripan (sausage in bread) did not miss the event. As for us, in the good Portuguese way, we took some sandwiches and chips...

After many games, including a soccer tournament, of which our local church in Altos de Pilar came out as champion, we had a great celebration service with the presentation of the gospel. Many people received the Lord as their savior in this day and are now being followed by their local churches.

See pictures here.

Tuesday, October 20

Back in Argentina

It has been two weeks since we got back to Argentina. I believe a short review would be interesting:

  • We were on this home assignment for 3,5 months (including the time at General Assembly).
  • We drove over 4000 miles.
  • Preached 40 times
  • Visited 5 Districts
  • Met hundreds of brothers in the faith from the great Nazarene family. In several cases, as it is natural in the big families, we always find someone who knows someone else whom we also know. These are the blessings of belonging to a global family.
We are thankful to God for His faithfulness throughout this time and for His constant renewal of our physical strength so we could fulfill all our speaking engagements. We are also thankful for the hospitality with which we were received at each church and for their support given for our missionary work. May God bless you.

We also give thanks that all went well with our kids and they were able to resume their normal school routine. Nicole has already started to take some tests.

Saturday, September 12

Coming back to up-to-date on our news

It has certainly been a long time since our last post. A lost has happened in our family. We have completed our first two years of contract and are currently on home assignment in the US for six weeks, after being 7 weeks in Portugal.

These have been years of a lot of activity ranging from: evangelism, audits, teaching sunday school for the youth class, teaching at seminary, changing financial systems in the office, etc. These have also been a couple of years in which Fernando started and completed today his MBA in Church Administration coursework with NNU. We are praising the Lord for this major accomplishment in his life. This is just one more tool that will increase our effectiveness as missionaries in the Field.

We hope this web tool will now be more used to share news about ourselves.

As you certainly know, home assignment is an intense time of travel. We ask for your prayers as we travel so the Lord will protect us of any diseases. We are currently in South Arkansas and from here we will be in New England. We go back to Argentina in the first days of October.

Thank you for your suppport.