Saturday, September 12

Coming back to up-to-date on our news

It has certainly been a long time since our last post. A lost has happened in our family. We have completed our first two years of contract and are currently on home assignment in the US for six weeks, after being 7 weeks in Portugal.

These have been years of a lot of activity ranging from: evangelism, audits, teaching sunday school for the youth class, teaching at seminary, changing financial systems in the office, etc. These have also been a couple of years in which Fernando started and completed today his MBA in Church Administration coursework with NNU. We are praising the Lord for this major accomplishment in his life. This is just one more tool that will increase our effectiveness as missionaries in the Field.

We hope this web tool will now be more used to share news about ourselves.

As you certainly know, home assignment is an intense time of travel. We ask for your prayers as we travel so the Lord will protect us of any diseases. We are currently in South Arkansas and from here we will be in New England. We go back to Argentina in the first days of October.

Thank you for your suppport.

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