Sunday, November 22

A visit to a soccer stadium

Yesterday it was a different day. Although Andre was in hospital, I went with Nicole to an Argentine soccer field (so we would not miss the tickets purchased almost a month before). But we didn't go to watch a soccer game. It was for a celebration (so they called it - I would call that a concert :-)) with the Hillsong United - the Australian Christian band.

We also had the brand new experience of riding a train in Argentina. We joined the group from the Moreno Church and went to the concert. We came back in the last train, which we though would never arrive, and we only got home almost a 3:00am. But this was a very special time for Nicole.

We heard a powerful short message, preached by the senior pastor of the Hillsong church: "The end of a season in one's life, is not THE END, but the opportunity to start something new."

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