Saturday, January 16

Meeting social needs with a CAUSE event

December and the first weeks of January was a time of storms that passed by Buenos Aires. One of the challenges caused by these storms were the floods caused by the increased stream of water of rivers.

San Antonio de Areco is a small town North of Pilar (yes, this is where we went for the district picnic a few months ago - see post here). Close to the city a river flooded its river banks way beyond the expected. Along the river banks small communities of people of very little income live. These communities saw the waters go up to 6.5 feet high, spoiling all their goods inside the houses. With this came the challenge to clean up everything, the risk of diseases (as sewer waters are dumped in the river), of mosquitos (including the one that causes the dengue fever), etc.

Responding to this appeal of needs, several churches of the district got together in a compassion project of taking cleaning and disinfecting materials to these people, and also take them a track with an invitation to listen to a message of hope.

It was an incredible outreach experience meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Areco, in which Nicole (our daughter) and Debbie (our niece) participated.

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