Monday, August 30

Holiness and Ministry Summit in Bolivia


WOW! August was really full of activities. After closing the meetings of the Regional Advisory Council, which always mean lost of administrative work in preparing, during and after the meetings, I was privileged to attend to an invitation to be one of the speakers at the Holiness and Ministry Summit in Bolivia.

This summit took place in the city of La Paz, and that meant that I was for the first time at 11.942 feet of altitude. But if you think this is high, imagine getting in at 13,123 feet of altitude in the city of El Alto, which is where the airport is located to get to La Paz. As soon as I stepped out of the plane I started to feel a little dizzy , and this was enough to realize that I could not walk at the same rhythm that I usually do when I am at "sea level". I had to make an adjustment to my steps and breathe deeply a few times to compensate for the different density in the oxygen. After leaving the airport, 20 minutes were enough to come down to about 10,000 feet, since the location of the summit was at the Nazarene Seminary in Bolivia and that is located in a lower location of the city.

It was a tremendous weekend. We could see God's moving in the response of consecration of the Bolivian Church to the successive appeals made in each holiness sermon. It was encouraging to see a good worship team formed by young people from different churches, but that played and sang together as if they were doing this every week.

The themes that I had to share, besides talking about the "Disciples in Ministry" initiative (especially as it relates to the Global Mission Ministry) were: "Holiness in Ministry" and "Spiritual Gifts Maximized". In the first topic we tried to deal with the biblical and theological framework for the practical life of holiness in ministry; and we also confronted some of the temptations most common among leaders involved in ministry. In the second topic we tried to deal in a practical way with the context base for the gifts and ministries in the local church.

It was also a time when we were able to make contact with some people that are looking for ways to get involved in missions and don't know how. We were able to clarify the steps involved in the process and the role of the material developed for "Disciples in Ministry" to help equip them for missionary work.

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