Saturday, July 17

And after Arequipa...


After participating in the great kick off event for the strategic initiative of the SAM Region in Arequipa, Peru (please read about it here), we traveled as family to the city of Rosario, where we had the opportunity of participating in a training and presentation event on the initiative, to a group of pastors and key leaders of the Argentina Litoral District. It was one of the first steps taken towards bringing the initiative out to the practical field. With the cold we started with a smaller group, but the group kept on increasing throughout the day. We heard the first reactions from those who will be implementing the initiative in the most direct way - the Pastors. At the event I had the privilege of leading the "ministries' test", a set of 90 questions that help each member of the body of Christ to discover the ministry or ministries for which he/she will receive further equipping.
It was a blessed time, that also gave us the opportunity to know a bit more the city of Rosario.

More pictures of this day here

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