Saturday, October 23

Another birthday celebrated

It seems incredible but another year has gone by and our son André celebrated his seventh birthday together with his family and his little friends from school.

Unfortunately, we were not able to celebrate his birthday closer to his birth date, since he got chicken pox a few days before and had to be on quarantine for a couple of weeks along with his sister by doctor's orders. Thus, today we got together, we called a "pelotero" from whom we can rent the inflatable games and we rented a huge and beautiful inflatable and a foosball table.

Everyone had fun. The theme this year was "Treasure hunt". Therefore, we planned a treasure hunt (the "piñata") and all took good advantage of the inflatable and played foosball together. We expected more than 30 kids, thank God only half showed up. Thus, making it easier to control everyone.

This activity was an opportunity to get to know some of the parents of André's schoolmates, and of them knowing more closely the christian witness of a missionary life. We were able to begin to develop some friendship bonds, hoping that in the future, this will allow us to share with them about God and the different that He makes in our lives.

See more pictures here.

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