Sunday, August 15

Another Children's day celebrated in Argentina

Today we celebrated once again Children's Day in Argentina. This is always a special time for children no matter where you are from, though it's being celebrated in a date that we're not used to, but it was a time for singing, games, lessons, gifts, etc. The day for us started the day before. This year the pre-teens' ministry, Generation of Samuel, was in charge of the church decorations for the event. Thus, yesterday, we spent the whole afternoon preparing and hanging up balloons, colorful flowers and ribbons to give the welcome to the children on their day.
In the following day, and since this was an evangelistic activity when many non-christian children come for the first time to church with their parents, Generation of Samuel had the lead role of doing the reception of the people when they arrived at the church. Three of our boys dressed up as clowns - and this made the joy of the little ones.
The program continued with the presentation of several skits, songs with choreography, and a short lesson, all of these offered by a christian drama group who was invited to the festivity to work with the children.
At the end, all was prepared for giving away presents to the children, but due to lack of time, it was decided to postpone this for a week thus extending this celebration for another week.
It was a day of fun, and a day of salvation, since many did the sinners' prayer for salvation for the first time in this day.

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