Monday, October 18

Holiness and Ministry Summit in Paraguay

Similarly to what happened in Bolivia, Paraguay also had its Holiness and Ministry Summit. These two Countries are part of the Central Field in the South America Region. Due to its geographical location, it could be said, that they are the heart of this big Continent.

However, the work of the Church of the Nazarene in these two Countries has gone through different difficulties and development stages so much so that these are now the Countries that need the most investment in prayer and human resources to help the development of the church.
It was a weekend of surprises. First, everyone talks about the famous days of "unbearable heat" in Paraguay, we experienced a little of this upon arrival in Asunción, but not for long. During the night it started to cool off and it even rained. The two days that followed had rather pleasant temperatures and some occasional rain. Thus, God favored us with the weather that we needed for these days of the summit. Second, we were surprised with the prices, we realized we could eat for US$8,00 a good asado (barbecue) with several side choices (salad, black beans, rice, etc.) while in Argentina not even in our dreams we can think of such relation food/cost in a restaurant, granted that the meat in Argentina has much better quality. Third, during the event we had approximately an average attendance of about 30 people, but in the last day, the pastors organized themselves with their local churches, rented buses, and more than 100 people came for a united service of all the churches near Asunción (including participants that arrived from other parts of the Country).

I shared for the first time the joined workshop developed together with the NMI Coordinator for the initial "Disciples in Ministry" training. I came to the conclusion that I needed to do several adjustments to make the content fit the time. But it was a good experience which generated some good reactions from the pastors and lay leaders that were present.

It was a time for spiritual renewal, and for enlarging the ministerial vision. Let's continue to prayer for the Nazarene brothers and sisters in this Country and that the Lord will use them to glorify His name in Paraguay.

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