Friday, October 22

Misión Global SAM (Global Mission SAM)

I was reviewing some of the previous posts, and realized that I missed sharing an important piece of news for all of you who are regularly following us and want to know about our ministries in South America.

Starting on July 1st, I took the additional responsibility to lead the regional ministry Global Mission SAM. What does this mean? It's the ministry that deals with Discovering, Developing and Deploying Nazarene missionaries from South America to the rest of the world.

It's undoubtedly a huge task. We work together with a team of National Coordinators that was already in place in some of the Countries of the Region, to which some others will be joined after their appointment by the Field leaders for the Countries that are still missing.

The greatest challenge is the development of an integrated network of information that will allow us to locate people with a missionary call, so that we begin an immediate contact with them and start to direct their steps in the course of the training they need to go through in order to fulfill their call to Missions. While at the same time we make resources available for their training.

Those of you who can read Spanish you can follow the ministry's blog here:

Please pray for us in this new responsibility and that the Lord will guide us to the South American people He has called to be missionaries, that we may be instrumental throughout their training.

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