Wednesday, November 17

The Center of Blessing for Generation of Samuel

The theme for our church is "Blessed to be a blessing" based on the promise that God gave to Abraham: "I will bless you (...) And so you shall be a blessing." (Gen. 12:2)
Part of the church's growth strategy includes establishing small groups of evangelism and discipleship spread throughout the partido (similar to County) of Pilar, which is composed of 10 municipalities, not counting the neighborhoods that belong to them.
As you know, it has been now almost a year since the idea of a new ministry in our local church began to take shape as a discipleship project for pre-teens between 10-12 years old, to which we called generation of Samuel.
One of the promises that we made during our winter camp was that we would be starting our CB (Center of Blessing) for the pre-teens. A space for sharing experiences, extremely informal, for learning about God, do some games, and share prayer needs, it is also a space for sharing the gospel, since the kids can bring their friends who don't know Jesus yet as their savior.
The first meeting was on October 16, but it wasn't until the second meeting that I was able to take some pictures to share. These are from our last meeting in the month of October.
In November we already had another CB and the kids are responding well to the initiative and each time we are having new kids coming for the first time in contact with a church activity.
Please pray for this ministry with the pre-teens. There are many needs for support in all the senses.

More pictures here.

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