Friday, December 17

Sunday School Closure

DSCN2777Last Sunday we had another closure activity. This time it was the celebration of Sunday School's closure. That's true!!! Here Sunday School follows the school calendar. Thus, since schools are now entering Summer vacations, Sunday School is also going on vacation. This means, that until February of next year, we will not have Sunday School.
This celebration service organized by Sunday School is a time to recognize the effort of teachers, support team, and of the students who come Sunday after Sunday.
Each class recognizes those students who developed their character the most during the year and their commitment to the tasks of the class. These students have the privilege of carrying the flag.
Also, each class celebrates the graduation of those who completed their cycle of studies for their age-group and that are passing to the next age-group level. The pre-teens graduated six students who will now pass next year to the Teens class. We congratulate the graduates!
After recognizing the work of the Sunday School leaders, there was a sermon especially dedicated to our reflection about the type of investment that, as parents, we want to do in our children, and that the best decision that we can make, is to bring them to Jesus and not hinder their way to get to Him.
At the end we celebrated with a delicious cake that everyone was able to enjoy.

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