Sunday, January 30

Youth camp: Finding Life in Jesus

January is also the time for the NYI camp in Argentina. This time, the camp was right here in Pilar. More or less 150 teens arrived for this camp of the Argentina Central District. The theme of the camp was "Generacción", a mix of "Generation" with "Action", challenging the youth to be a generation of action in our present society.
Doing justice to the theme of the camp, in one of the days, the youth group was distributed by three poor neighborhoods of the region and took a message of hope and a demonstration of love and compassion to these people.
The camp ended with a night of celebration and concert with several christian Nazarene bands from different churches of the district and a variety of rhythms including rock and reggae.
To crown the program, the NYI group from our church presented a choreography - My life is You - and Nicole was part of it. This is the ministry she feels most confortable in serving since she was a little girl.
We post below the video of the presentation. It's a bit long, but it's worth seeing.

Monday, January 17

Special Day in Dudignac

IMG_0231 Fernando had just arrived from Bolivia and a new opportunity for ministry and to visit our friends Ezequiel and Susana in Dudignac, Buenos Aires province, came up. Dudignac is a small village about 3,5 hours away from Pilar. Ezequiel and Susana, the pastors of the church there, came to talk to us about their call to missions during the Christmas closure week (as you know part of our responsibility is to Discover, Develop and Deploy missionaries from South America). During this conversation we were very interested in getting to know their ministry in Dudignac - a church started from zero, but already running a good congregation.
We traveled with the Zani family (Field Strategy Coordinator) and the Ramirez (Ezequiel parents) for a very special service of children dedication. In this service 5 children were dedicated to the Lord. Fernando had the privilege of dedicating two of these children and that brought us much joy and was a tremendous privilege.
On this Sunday we got home very late, but feeling a tremendous satisfaction.

See more pictures here

Saturday, January 15

New Year... New Ministry Opportunities

The New Year of 2011 had a pretty busy start with new opportunities for ministry. On the 5th, Fernando packed his bags again for another trip. This time the destination was Bolivia, where he was given the opportunity to chair 5 of the 6 District Assemblies in this Country.
The first Assembly was in the district El Alto Noroeste, and it took place in the city of El Alto located at 13,615ft. It was a two-day assembly, but I only came in from the second day. Besides the privilege of preaching and chairing the assembly business, I was also given the pleasure of doing a child dedication during the opening service of the Assembly. IMG_0214
The second Assembly was at the La Paz District, and it was in the city of La Paz, located at 11,942ft of altitude. It was a full-day Assembly. It was tiring due to the quantity of reports we listened to. But it was at the same time inspiring to receive a challenge to go out to the mission. During the assembly and closing service we had the opportunity to listen to two musical groups, "Mujeres Virtuosas" (typical Bolivian music with christian lyrics) and "Mariachi por Amor" (christian music with a Mariachi rhythm).
DSCN2851 The third Assembly was in the Los Yungas district, in Palos Blacos, a small town in the middle of the Bolivian jungle, in the region of Los Yungas. To get there, we traveled through the famous road known as the "Death Route" due to the many fatal accidents that happen so frequently on this road. Although the route has a section that is really dangerous, the new asphalted road has helped a lot to improve the reputation of the ancient route between La Paz and Caranavi in Los Yungas. It was a 7-hour trip and it felt good to arrive and be so welcomed by our brothers and sisters that were waiting for us there.
The second to the last assembly was in the South district. To get there, we had to go back to La Paz and from there travel 3 hours to Oruro located at 12,159ft above sea level. With all the differences in altitude and the number of days spent in high altitudes, it helped to take some coca leaves' tea, as that helps the lungs to better process oxygen at these high altitudes. We also had to take some of the famous pills against soroche (also known as the disease of the altitudes). At this assembly we received the report of organization of two new congregations as Organized Churches.
Finally, on route to go home after 10 days of travel, we stopped at the beautiful city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Since this was a mid-week assembly, the assemly took place in the record time of 3.5 hours. But it was equally inspiring to listen to each pastoral report, and to the report of the development planned for the district.
This was an opportunity to be in contact with a reality very much different from the big cities and of the more developed Countries and see that we find there the same or even greater passion for the development of the church of the Nazarene even in the most remote places of our World. The Great Comission is being fulfilled not only in the places of easy access, but it is getting to the places that seem to be most inaccessible.

See more pictures here.