Sunday, January 30

Youth camp: Finding Life in Jesus

January is also the time for the NYI camp in Argentina. This time, the camp was right here in Pilar. More or less 150 teens arrived for this camp of the Argentina Central District. The theme of the camp was "Generacción", a mix of "Generation" with "Action", challenging the youth to be a generation of action in our present society.
Doing justice to the theme of the camp, in one of the days, the youth group was distributed by three poor neighborhoods of the region and took a message of hope and a demonstration of love and compassion to these people.
The camp ended with a night of celebration and concert with several christian Nazarene bands from different churches of the district and a variety of rhythms including rock and reggae.
To crown the program, the NYI group from our church presented a choreography - My life is You - and Nicole was part of it. This is the ministry she feels most confortable in serving since she was a little girl.
We post below the video of the presentation. It's a bit long, but it's worth seeing.

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