Thursday, May 19

2011 SAM Regional Conference

As we promised, here is a short newsflash about the South America Regional Conference. But first, a word of appreciation for your support in prayer. We felt that God was with us and renewed our strengths when these began to fail. Thank you for your partnership in our ministry!
For six days, leaders from all over South America got together at the Bruno Radi Convention Center in Pilar, Buenos Aires, to celebrate their Regional Conference. This was a conference where people sought for God's power to act in their life empowering them, for the fulfillment of the great commission. We had 24 speakers, all of them preaching for no longer than 45 minutes including altar time.



On Sunday, besides having communion together, we celebrated the organization of three churches, the ordination of three ministers as elders, and recognized the years of service of the Bustles on the South America Region and as Director of Global Mission. This will probably have been, the last Regional activity that Dr. Bustle participated in as Global Mission Director.


After the Regional Conference, for those who were able to stay, we had a 2-day "school of ministries". This was an intensive training event in different ministries according to the abilities and gifts of each person present. In the school of Missions, the ministry that we as couple are responsible for, we had about 30 people attending.


This was a very physically tiring time, while at the same time a great investment worth making in the life of all of the participants. Several people were impacted by different preachings and received ministerial training for a ministry that fits their abilities.

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Saturday, May 7

A day in the Countryside - celebrating with friends!

Before all the activity started for the Regional Conference, we were invited by a family who are close friends in Argentina to spend a day in the Countryside celebrating their wedding anniversary. They were celebrating their 30 years of wedding. This is without a doubt a milestone to celebrate, when in our society it seems that marriages with this type of longevity are more and more rare.

We spent a time with games, having fun, chatting around the fire, having mate and sharing experiences.

This reminded us of the days spent in the country when we visited family in a small village near the city of Chaves in Portugal. It would never occur to us that so close to our house we would be able to find a farming context - where people raise animals, cook food in a "fire stove", have naturally cultivated vegetables, etc.

We spent an excellent and relaxed afternoon. And to conclude it.... barbecued piglet!


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Thursday, May 5

Prayer Request

We are getting closer to the time of a special event for the South America Region. Next week, more that 700 Nazarenes will be gathering for the Regional Conference of the SAM Region. This event takes place every four years. The them is "The Church Alive: The Power of ONE".

You can certainly imagine the complexity of managing the logistics of such an event, thus we want to ask for your prayers for the whole Regional team, and especially for our family. All the family will be involved in different aspects related to the Conference.
We appreciate your support and prayer. After the event we will post news about it.