Saturday, May 7

A day in the Countryside - celebrating with friends!

Before all the activity started for the Regional Conference, we were invited by a family who are close friends in Argentina to spend a day in the Countryside celebrating their wedding anniversary. They were celebrating their 30 years of wedding. This is without a doubt a milestone to celebrate, when in our society it seems that marriages with this type of longevity are more and more rare.

We spent a time with games, having fun, chatting around the fire, having mate and sharing experiences.

This reminded us of the days spent in the country when we visited family in a small village near the city of Chaves in Portugal. It would never occur to us that so close to our house we would be able to find a farming context - where people raise animals, cook food in a "fire stove", have naturally cultivated vegetables, etc.

We spent an excellent and relaxed afternoon. And to conclude it.... barbecued piglet!


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