Monday, June 13

New Ministerial Responsibilities

Last Friday it was publicly announced that Liliana is the new Nazarene Missions International (NMI) Coordinator for the SAM Region.

NMI V Texture Port

We are very encouraged and feel challenged with this new ministry that Liliana will be leading along with the National Coordinators and the Districts, to continue to develop a missionary mentality and awareness in the Church of the Nazarene in South America.

We ask from you, our prayer partners, for the upcoming days and months as the leadership transition between the previous and the new Coordinator occurs. These will be learning times and adjustment times to the new responsibility.

With these responsibilities, as couples, we will be working on both sides of the missionary equation. Fernando will continue to challenge Nazarenes to respond to God's call to invest their lives in Missions (through the Global Mission Ministry); whereas, on the other side, Liliana will be motivating the church to gain a participatory awareness of the Great Commission, by the missionary education, offerings, prayer and participating in the mission (e.g. on short-term mission trips) and/or sending missionaries.

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