Thursday, June 23

Proud Parents


Once again we are very proud of our daughter Nicole. Yesterday we were surprised with cellular short message from her saying that we should go to the public oath to the flag of the 4th graders.

We were not thinking on going, since neither Niki nor André were involved. But then she gave us the news that she would be one of the escorts of the student that was carrying the flag of the school.

Last week we received the news that once again she made it into the honor roll of the school due to her grade average in the last quarters' exams. This week she surprises us with these news.

Perhaps some of you are asking - Why this issue with the flags?

Throughout the school year there are several key historical dates of Argentina that are celebrated. On these dates there's a public ceremony to help remember the significance of the date that is being celebrated to which all parents are invited. Besides these, they also have the public ceremonies of opening and closing of the school year.. Each time they have a public event, three ceremonial flags are carried in to the platform: Argentina's flag, Buenos Aires province flag, and the school's flag. After the flags are brought in, we sing the national anthem, and then the flags are taken out.DSCN4018

Students are chosen to carry the flags in accordance to the grade average that they achieve in their exams. The escorts are also chosen in the same way.

So we are very proud that our daughter was chosen to be an escort due to her academic achievements in the first quarter of the year.

Good work Nicole. Keep up the good work!

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