Saturday, July 23

Enhancements on the Blog

Hello there dear readers.

Just wanted to point out a few new features on the blog that may be of interest to you.

Some of you may have already noticed that we're offering two subscriptions options: 1) One of these options is by registering your e-mail in this page; 2) The other option is to subscribe to the blog's feed via your favorite RSS reader. Both these options will allow you to be alerted whenever a new update is made to the blog and this way you will be sure not to miss any updates. Using the first option you will receive an e-mail in your inbox with the update text. The second option will put this blog's feed along with all other feeds you might be following.

The other feature I want to mention is that you can now choose to have the page of this blog translated via Google Translate™ to Spanish, French or German. It won't be as good as a dynamic translation, but it will do well for those who can't understand English very well.

You can also follow the blog's using your google ID, through Google Friend Connect.

Hope these are helpful features to you.

Thursday, July 21

Great Time at Children's Camp

IMG_0341During our visit in Philadelphia, we were invited to participate at children's camp and be the missionary "in residence".

This was the first time we accepted this responsibility at a Children's camp. We never felt very comfortable with it, and this time, since the family is not together, I felt a bit more uncomfortable. Liliana is the one who usually is a better communicator with kids.

But these were wonderful awesome days. It was great to see the chidren's interest in missions, about other Countries and Cultures, and about what it means to be a missionary. I ended up speaking 8 times in 2 days for different groups of children.

The theme for the camp was "serve", thus it was easy to make the definition of a missionary fit the theme as someone who is serving the Kingdom of God in another Country.

In the last day, I even signed shirts for the kids, as the campers wanted to take them home as souvenirs of the camp. We pray that God will make these days memorable and of great challenge for the children of the Philadelphia district.

Thank you for making me feel part of your family during these days.

See more pictures here.

Tuesday, July 19

First Activities for the Move

Ecuador 267x30015 days have already passed since we published the news regarding our move to Ecuador. Also many things are happening already in these days.

First, it was with great joy that, after a small setback, our daughter arrived safely at home. As reported earlier, she traveled to NYC (the quadrennial youth congress) in the USA. For the first time she traveled alone only in care of flight attendants. All went well, and she had a big blast at the Congress. On her way back, that's when the setback happened, the volcanic ash cloud came back over the city and her flight was delayed for 12 hours. Fortunately, the airline took good care of her and took care of everything for her. She stayed in an awesome hotel at the Houston Airport, and 12 hours later, we received her with great joy in Buenos Aires.

Liliana was the one who was waiting for her, since at that very moment, I traveled to the USA where I will be in the upcoming days for a time of visiting churches. It was great to be so well hosted by one of our LINKS districts - the The Philadelphia District.

But the preparations for the move cannot stop. Thus Liliana and the children are beginning the selection process of what we will take and what sell or give away. We have already received the bids for the move and have submitted them for approval. We also sent to the new school the paperwork required to register our kids and had interviews with the Directors of their current school. We also started to complete the forms required for our visa which we will need to take to the Ecuadorian Embassy upon my return to Argentina.

If you think we already did a lot, this is really a small drop in the bucket compared to all we still have pending to do in order to be ready for the move in September.

As we move along, I will report our progress, please keep praying for us.

Tuesday, July 5

The End of a chapter... The beginning of a new page.

Images 1

As advanced in my previous post to those who follow us, we are living a critical time as a family. It's time for moving to new ministerial assignments! It's the closing of a chapter of our ministries and the opening of a new page where God will continue to write about His powerful acts through our ministries.

After serving for six years in Argentina, the time has come to say goodbye to this Country and to the people who received us so warmly and lovingly. The time has come to go through the famous "Culture shock" that missionaries go through each time they move. It's time to say goodbye to friends and brothers who hosted us and lived, together with us, different experiences in these last six years of ministry.

We are thankful to God and His Church for all the opportunities of ministry that were given to us in Argentina. We are grateful for our colleagues and for the friendships we developed during this time.

PHOTO 6368916 21864 14038007 ap

In the beginning of September we will be moving to the city of Quito in Ecuador, from where we will continue to serve and develop the Regional ministries that are under our responsibility (Missionary Mobilization in SAM and NMI in SAM), and besides this we will be serving the Seminário Teológico Nazareno Sudamericano in the areas of administration and teaching.

We will be joining a team of three other missionary families who are already living there, some of them with responsibilities with the Ecuadorian Church, other with responsibilities over the North Andean Field. And we will also be joining a team of national leaders who are already developing the work of the seminary in terms of administration, logistics and theological education.

Our feelings as family are mixed. On the one hand we will miss some friends who have become very close to us, while on the other hand, we have great expectation for what God has for us in Ecuador. Knowing that this is the direction that He desires for us at this present moment.

Please pray for us in this time of transition. There are always many details when we talk about an international move - the move itself, travel, school for the children, visas, etc.

We will publish further news and will update the blog as we live through this transition so that you can pray for us according to the specific needs we have.

Sunday, July 3

Two Prayer Requests

Praying hands 1

Tomorrow our daughter will be traveling headed to the US. As part of the celebration of her 15th birthday, instead of a big party (which is typical in Latinamerican cultures), she chose to participate in the NYI Congress in the US. She will be a part of a "district" composed of MKs whose parents serve all around the world.

The congress will be for a week and God's willing, next Monday she will be arriving back to Argentina.

At the same time, I will also be traveling within a week (ie, Nicole and I will cross paths in the air), for a time of home assignment in the US.

We had to make an adjustment to our time of home assignment for reasons that we will soon be sharing with all our followers. Because of this I will be traveling alone this time.

  1. Pray that God will grant our daughter travel mercies and that this may be a time for spiritual edification and healthy social interactions with her peers.
  2. Pray for the contacts that we will be making in the US, that we may be of motivation and information about the Nazarene missionary work on our Region.
  3. Pray that all will go well in our trips - No delays or cancelations, for safe flights, etc. I don't know how many of you are following what is happening with the Chilean Volcano - Puyehue - which is spreading ashes all over, and with the winds blowing from the South, are bring these ashes to cover the skies in Buenos Aires. In the past weeks we have had several flights canceled due to the ash cloud over the airports in Buenos Aires.
  4. Pray for our family for a special personal request, that soon we will be sharing with you all. The upcoming days and weeks will be critical for the whole family.

We are thankful for your support and prayers and soon we will give you more news about these events.