Tuesday, July 5

The End of a chapter... The beginning of a new page.

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As advanced in my previous post to those who follow us, we are living a critical time as a family. It's time for moving to new ministerial assignments! It's the closing of a chapter of our ministries and the opening of a new page where God will continue to write about His powerful acts through our ministries.

After serving for six years in Argentina, the time has come to say goodbye to this Country and to the people who received us so warmly and lovingly. The time has come to go through the famous "Culture shock" that missionaries go through each time they move. It's time to say goodbye to friends and brothers who hosted us and lived, together with us, different experiences in these last six years of ministry.

We are thankful to God and His Church for all the opportunities of ministry that were given to us in Argentina. We are grateful for our colleagues and for the friendships we developed during this time.

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In the beginning of September we will be moving to the city of Quito in Ecuador, from where we will continue to serve and develop the Regional ministries that are under our responsibility (Missionary Mobilization in SAM and NMI in SAM), and besides this we will be serving the Seminário Teológico Nazareno Sudamericano in the areas of administration and teaching.

We will be joining a team of three other missionary families who are already living there, some of them with responsibilities with the Ecuadorian Church, other with responsibilities over the North Andean Field. And we will also be joining a team of national leaders who are already developing the work of the seminary in terms of administration, logistics and theological education.

Our feelings as family are mixed. On the one hand we will miss some friends who have become very close to us, while on the other hand, we have great expectation for what God has for us in Ecuador. Knowing that this is the direction that He desires for us at this present moment.

Please pray for us in this time of transition. There are always many details when we talk about an international move - the move itself, travel, school for the children, visas, etc.

We will publish further news and will update the blog as we live through this transition so that you can pray for us according to the specific needs we have.

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