Tuesday, July 19

First Activities for the Move

Ecuador 267x30015 days have already passed since we published the news regarding our move to Ecuador. Also many things are happening already in these days.

First, it was with great joy that, after a small setback, our daughter arrived safely at home. As reported earlier, she traveled to NYC (the quadrennial youth congress) in the USA. For the first time she traveled alone only in care of flight attendants. All went well, and she had a big blast at the Congress. On her way back, that's when the setback happened, the volcanic ash cloud came back over the city and her flight was delayed for 12 hours. Fortunately, the airline took good care of her and took care of everything for her. She stayed in an awesome hotel at the Houston Airport, and 12 hours later, we received her with great joy in Buenos Aires.

Liliana was the one who was waiting for her, since at that very moment, I traveled to the USA where I will be in the upcoming days for a time of visiting churches. It was great to be so well hosted by one of our LINKS districts - the The Philadelphia District.

But the preparations for the move cannot stop. Thus Liliana and the children are beginning the selection process of what we will take and what sell or give away. We have already received the bids for the move and have submitted them for approval. We also sent to the new school the paperwork required to register our kids and had interviews with the Directors of their current school. We also started to complete the forms required for our visa which we will need to take to the Ecuadorian Embassy upon my return to Argentina.

If you think we already did a lot, this is really a small drop in the bucket compared to all we still have pending to do in order to be ready for the move in September.

As we move along, I will report our progress, please keep praying for us.

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