Thursday, July 21

Great Time at Children's Camp

IMG_0341During our visit in Philadelphia, we were invited to participate at children's camp and be the missionary "in residence".

This was the first time we accepted this responsibility at a Children's camp. We never felt very comfortable with it, and this time, since the family is not together, I felt a bit more uncomfortable. Liliana is the one who usually is a better communicator with kids.

But these were wonderful awesome days. It was great to see the chidren's interest in missions, about other Countries and Cultures, and about what it means to be a missionary. I ended up speaking 8 times in 2 days for different groups of children.

The theme for the camp was "serve", thus it was easy to make the definition of a missionary fit the theme as someone who is serving the Kingdom of God in another Country.

In the last day, I even signed shirts for the kids, as the campers wanted to take them home as souvenirs of the camp. We pray that God will make these days memorable and of great challenge for the children of the Philadelphia district.

Thank you for making me feel part of your family during these days.

See more pictures here.

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