Thursday, August 18

Two Strikes

baseball strike.jpg

Fernando arrived from the USA about two weeks ago, and we already got two strikes in our attempts to score and get the visa to Ecuador.

We went to the Consulate with all the documentation and soon we discovered that some papers were missing which we need to have taken care of in Argentina, and we needed to have some documents corrected in Ecuador. What can we do? There's not much we can do… we only have to respect and be patient with the authorities of this new Country we will be living in.

No doubt that this is frustrating, and causes some emotional and physical distress (as we live about 35 miles away from the Consulate and have to "fight" the traffic each day we have to go), but we are still confident that God is in control and that it is He who has the control of times and not us.

For now, we can only wait and pray that God will open all the necessaries doors in Ecuador so that as soon as possible we can receive the needed corrected documents in our hands, so we can start the visa process with the Consulate in Argentina.

We invite you to join us in prayer these days!

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