Wednesday, April 18

Celebrating the 40th Church Anniversary in Ecuador

In March we celebrated the entrance of the Church of the Nazarene to minister in Ecuador, with all of the Ecuadorian Church. Representatives from all six districts got together in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador for this great celebration.

We were honored with the presence of the international leaders of the denomination and with the presence of the pioneer missionary couple of the Nazarene work in Ecuador - the Swain family.

It was a memorable and emotional time. We heard a little of the history of the moments of the opening of the work in Ecuador when the Swain family would go out to the streets with the accordion and would start playing and soon they would have children around them, soon after they would start a Bible study with their parents, and later on an organized church was born. This made me go back to my childhood and teenage years when we would do evangelistic gatherings in the city park and my pastor would also start playing the accordion and we would end up with a wonderful open-air service.

This was also a time to recognize the work of the Bustle family leading the development of Global Mission for the past years. We also had a special moment of seeing the first generation of pastors and church planters in Ecuador to pass on the baton to the new generations so that they continue the work of expanding the ministry of the church in this Country.

What a greater way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the church, than with an ordination service with the presence of Dr. David Graves our Jurisdictional General Superintendent.

On sunday, several of the church of the Costa District joined the celebration at a gymnasium to celebrate a great closing service of all the celebrations. It was a time to celebrate, challenges, and fellowship at the Lord's Table.

We left the event blessed and challenged to keep on moving forward with the conviction that much more and greater years are ahead of God's Church in Ecuador.

Tuesday, April 17

Ministering in our Ecuadorian local church

After visiting several churches in the city, we have almost for sure defined that we will be congregating at the Comunidad Cristiana Nazarena RestauraciĆ³n. This is a church very close to the center of the city, and that its membership is composed of people from different nationalities and the pastor Jean David Larochelle is a very good personal friend and an outstanding preacher.

In the beginning of March we had the privilege of opening a new series of sermons about the 7 churches of Asia Minor in the book of Revelation, in this service Nicole had the opportunity to participate with a special music along with our "adopted son" from Argentina, Samuel, who for about a month was visiting us in Ecuador. Here's a short video of this special participation in the service.

Monday, April 16

Celebrating in Otavalo

Two months have gone by since our last post. It's time to bring you up to date.. In February we decided to take advantage of the Carnaval Holiday (not to enjoy Carnaval, as you might have thought :-) ), but to have a couple of wonderful days of celebration of some important events for the family in the city of Otavalo.
We took advantage and with one stroke we celebrated Liliana's and Fernando's birthdays, and our wedding anniversary (this year we reached 20 years of marriage, in five years more we will celebrate our silver wedding anniversary).
This was a time to enjoy as family in this beautiful city, very rural and well-known for its crafts and indigenous culture.
We were able to walk through the city center and its famous flea-market (it kind of made me remember of the flea-market in PraƧa de Espanha in Lisbon, Portugal in the 80s and 90s) and we also enjoyed the time by the lake San Pablo which is very close to the city.
Here I leave you with some pictures of the place.

Volcano Cotacaxi

Lake San Pablo (Volcano Ibambura)