Monday, April 16

Celebrating in Otavalo

Two months have gone by since our last post. It's time to bring you up to date.. In February we decided to take advantage of the Carnaval Holiday (not to enjoy Carnaval, as you might have thought :-) ), but to have a couple of wonderful days of celebration of some important events for the family in the city of Otavalo.
We took advantage and with one stroke we celebrated Liliana's and Fernando's birthdays, and our wedding anniversary (this year we reached 20 years of marriage, in five years more we will celebrate our silver wedding anniversary).
This was a time to enjoy as family in this beautiful city, very rural and well-known for its crafts and indigenous culture.
We were able to walk through the city center and its famous flea-market (it kind of made me remember of the flea-market in Pra├ža de Espanha in Lisbon, Portugal in the 80s and 90s) and we also enjoyed the time by the lake San Pablo which is very close to the city.
Here I leave you with some pictures of the place.

Volcano Cotacaxi

Lake San Pablo (Volcano Ibambura)

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