Wednesday, June 27

Promoting our Missionary Work

Last June 15 we arrived in Portugal for our Home Assignment time. This is a time when we are informing the local churches of our district about the ministries that we are developing in South America - our current field of missionary service.

Costa do Sol Church

This time we will take 3 out of the 6 weeks to visit the churches in our sending District, and the other 3 weeks we will visit the churches in the District of Cape Verde, the District of origen of Liliana.

On our first Sunday in Portugal we visited our local church - Costa do Sol. This is the church that sent us to the Mission field 8 years ago. It was great to greet the people there and share a time of fellowship with the youth group after the service.

On our second Sunday we visited the Central Church in Lisboa. We were able to visit with old friends and also saw many new faces in this church which in a very practical and close way supported us as we started in our ministry career, and is still partnering with our missionary service in Ecuador and South America. Sunday afternoon, we visited the church in Alcoitão. A church with which we got involved in supplying its pulpit during a time of pastoral transition while we were the pastors of the Mercês church. We have these brothers in our hearts and continue to pray in a very special way for our colleague Quim Lima and family who is going through a very difficult time with his health.

We still have services in three more churches. Next Sunday we will be at the church that literally saw Fernando growing up, then we will be at its daughter-church, and lastly we will return to the Lisbon Metropolitan Area for our last service.

Besides speaking at these services we will also be ministering two training workshops for NMI ministry and in this way also give our share part of support to the development of the ministry of the church of the Nazarene in Portugal.

During this period of intense travel and ministry we would appreciate your prayers for the whole family.

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