Sunday, August 19

Promoting and Doing Missions in Cape Verde

In our last post we shared about our experience in promoting missions in Portugal, as part of our home assignment in our Home Country.

But we couldn't leave untold the story of our amazing experience in Cape Verde. As you may know, Liliana is originally from Cape Verde, thus this time it was in our hearts the desire to share about our missionary ministry with the district that saw her grow up.
Missionary Services in Mindelo
We had a wonderful time in the Cape Verde islands, where we could share about our ministry in the following churches: Mindelo (3 days), Palamarejo (1 week), Monte Sossego (1 Sunday), Ribeira Bote (1 Sunday). We felt very welcomed and were blessed by the pastors and members of these churches. We had great opportunities to share about the ministry we are developing as missionaries in Ecuador. We were so sorry that we could not stay, due to other agenda commitments, for the big celebration of the District Assembly which started just one day before our departure to return to Ecuador.
Besides these missionary services at these churches, we would also highlight the wonderful time we had in Santiago Island at the Palmarejo Church. We had a mix of services: Holiness, Youth, and Evangelism. We had the opportunity to preach evangelistically at 3 preaching points that are being opened by this church, in open-air services, in which we saw God's moving through the many decisions made for Christ in these evenings.
Evangelistic Team: Porto Mosquito

Decisions in Salineiro
It was also contagious the enthusiasm we saw in the leaders and youth that accompanied us for these three evangelistic services, as well as at services we held at the mother church.
Opening Service: District Assembly
We are thankful to the district and to the pastores and missions leaders of these church who received us with great love for this home assignment. We felt very blessed with your support to our ministry and your love and care demonstrated towards us, and we hope we were also able to be of blessing to you.

See more pictures of our home assignment in Portugal and Cape Verde here.

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