Tuesday, October 30

Celebrating 5 years of ministry in diversity

Two weeks ago we had the great joy of participating in the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the church that we chose to be a part of here in Ecuador. - The Comunidad Cristiana Nazarena RestauraciĆ³n (CCNR).

It was a full week of celebrations with activities for the youth, teens, men, ladies and children. Each group represented at the church had its special time to express its celebration for the 5 years of this church's ministry.

Children's Celebration Program
In the context of the celebrations there was a time for a short choreography presentation by a few little ones whom Nicole our daughter coached. This has always been a ministry that has been very dear to her heart and God used her to bless these little ones and also the congregation.

Pastor Jean-David
The church's pastor, Rev. Jean-David Larochelle, made of this time a very special time for the people who are members of this community. In the services on both Sundays we saw a congregation of over 200 people coming for the celebration.

One of the highlights of the celebration was the service when all the nations represented in the congregation presently were recognized. The diversity of nations has certainly been one of the sustained values of this church. We, thus, had nations represented from Europe, Caribbean  North America, Africa, and other Countries of South America.

Nations Represented at  CCNR

Liliana carrying the flag of Cape Verde
Fernando carrying the flag of Portugal
This celebration was a time to challenge the church to re-affirm its identity and to express it in the context of the community itself, but also in the context in which each member is immersed. In the opening service of the celebration, the church's pastors and some invited preachers preached about the Biblical images of the church. On the second Sunday service, pastor Jean-David focused his challenge in the text from Isaiah 6 and challenged the church to live holiness in a missional way.

Leadership Team of CCNR

These 5 years were also a celebration of God's faithfulness who, throughout the challenges lived individually and collectively by the community has always been the "ever-present help, in trouble." (Psa. 46:1)

We praise God for this Nazarene community and for its ministry and local mission of a global reach.

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