Wednesday, October 17

Ministering in the Costa Norte District

It has been almost two months since we got back from our home assignment in Cape Verde and Portugal. This was a wonderful time to visit the churches, share about our ministry and challenge each local church to continue to faithfully contribute for missions.
Our first visit, after arriving back in Ecuador, was to the Costa Norte District of Ecuador. It's a small district, still in the earlier stages of its development. This trip took us to the cities of Santo Domingo and Quinindé.
Rev. Jefferson Estevez and Family
We had marked on our calendar, before our departure on home assignment, a meeting with the National Coordinator for Missionary Mobilization, Rev. Jefferson Estevez, so that together we could think on strategies to develop this ministry nationwide in Ecuador. It was a wonderful time of sharing and to getting in touch with the needs of this national coordinator to move forward with this ministry.
Besides this meeting, we had the privilege of preaching at a NYI event that took place in the beautiful city of Quinindé. We had already heard of this local church of the Nazarene through the contact we have had with young members of this church who are students at the Seminário Teológico Nazareno. Young people arrived in buses from different cities. This was a special time to receive from the Lord and to consecrate to Him our lives for the ministry that He has prepared for His children.
NYI Group in the meeting

Worship Team Leading the Youth

Preaching Time

Response to the Challenge

After this energetic youth time, we were able to have some brief moments of fellowship with the local pastoral family. We received an open invitation to visit this church at another opportunity.
We spent the night in Santo Domingo and had service the next day at pastor's Jefferson church. The church is going through a remodeling process as they are building a second floor because they were running out of space for Sunday School. The church was committed in investing its resources and labor in the improvement of its space. It was great to see the commitment from the youngest to the oldest in this effort of better accommodating the spaces for continuous growth.
After a challenge from God's Word, once again the people came to Him in prayer and searching for His presence in their lives.

We hold this District and these two churches very dear to our hearts and hope we can be a blessing to them again some time in the future.

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