Saturday, December 1

Fall Festival

Fall has arrived and with it so have come several important events for our family and for our ministry in Ecuador. One of such events was the Fall Festival at the Alliance Academy International.

High school students, besides the normal classes, can choose some of the classes they take. This year, Nicole chose to be a part of the AAI Choir. After auditioning, she was selected and soon practice started which resulted in the beautiful Fall Festival presentation.

Concert Band
The Festival lasted about a hour, and besides the choir, the concert band, jazz band and Ensemble (a select group of voices) also participated.

Jazz Band
The choir performances don't end here, though. In a few weeks we will have the Christmas Concert and besides the high school choir, it will also feature the participation of elementary classes. Later in the year we will also have the Spring Concert.

This made us go back in time a few years, when in the beginnings of our ministry Fernando was in the charge of conducting the church choir, and Liliana was part of the choir, and this was one of the first ministries that we developed.

Here's a short excerpt of the performance (if you can't see the video, please click here):