Tuesday, May 21

Reconnecting with our readers

It was about time to update the news of the family and our ministry. It's incredible what God had done with us, to the point that sometimes we feel like we are on a roller-coaster. But the most incredible things is that He has been right there besides us in the middle of all the activity, and His faithfulness has been more noticeable than ever.
These first months of the year have been months of much activity. We will do our best to bring you up-to-date:

  1. Beginning of the school year at the seminary: In January, we started our new school year. We received new students from Colombia and Ecuador, and also for the first time in some time we also got students from Peru. In residence, we have a group of approximately 30 students. We are thankful to God for each one of these that has arrived, and that the Lord is still raising people to prepare themselves for ministry. Please pray with us for resources for students' scholarships as many of them come from a background of financial challenges.
  2. Change in Leadership: It was also in January that we got the news that our seminary rector had resigned and that he would be leaving the institution by the end of February. We started praying for the transition, knowing that God had the institution in His hands and he would certainly not let it fall with this change.
  3. District Assemblies in Bolivia: At the request of our Regional Director, Fernando had the privilege to travel once more to Bolivia to chair the District Assemblies in Bolivia El Alto and Bolivia La Paz districts. These are two phase 3 districts. It was a special time of personal challenge and for the Bolivian church in these assemblies. We felt blessed by God in this opportunity to serve Him once more in this Country.
    Bolivia La Paz District Assembly
  4. Cross-Cultural Orientación (CCO): In February we had the opportunity to visit the church in Indaiatuba in São Paulo, Brazil, where we were able to minister the CCO to some brothers and sisters who have shown interest in serving in missions. This is a basic training focusing on the dynamics of culture and cross-cultural communication, an explanation of the process to become a missionary in the Church of the Nazarene, and it's also an opportunity for the participants to gain further self-awareness about themselves. We had a group of 32 attending and 11 of which had a personalized interview in which we gave an orientation based on the individual's needs. We are now to the point of getting to the last steps of the process of sending one of these individuals to serve in Africa as volunteer missionary.
    CCO Participants - Indaiatuba
  5. NMI Convention in Guayaquil, Ecuador: It was a great privilege for Liliana and Fernando to serve the Costa District in Ecuador at the District NMI Convention. Liliana was chairing the Convention while Fernando had the opportunity to preach. It was a blessing to see these Nazarenes committed with the missionary work at the global scale. This district, through a new initiative, was able to triple the amount of offerings sent to the World Evangelism Fund. God continues to raise the means to further His Mission..
  6. New Challenges: March was Fernando's birthday, and as if it was a birthday gift, we received the news that the Board of Regents of Seminario Teológico Nazareno Sudamericano (STNS), had elected him to become the new rector for the institution for the period of two years. This was totally unexpected to us... it had never crossed our minds that this would happen, but God knows how He does things, and the only thing we did as family was to respond to the call and say: "Here we are, send us."
    Rector's Installation Service

    Rector's Installation Service
  7. South America Rectors' Council and Doctorate Classes: During April we hosted to important groups. The South America Council of Rectors meets once a year to share what is going on in each of the theological education institutions on the Region, as well as to receive new inspiration for the work that each of us undertake. This year, STNS was the host for this group and it was a great honor for us to have such a distinct group among us. During this event we also had the installation service for the new rector of STNS. We also hosted a group of Latinamerican students who are working on their D.Min sponsored by Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City, USA.
    South American Rectors

    South American Rectors
  8. ETED Directors Meeting in Colombia. ETED stands for (in Spanish) "Theological Education by Extension". During the final days of April, Fernando traveled to Colombia to have a meeting with the TEE Directors of the Country in order to motivate, give orientation and challenge them regarding the work of our Extension Centers in Colombia. Each of the districts was represented by its director, which besides presenting a short report, allowed us to work together some steps towards the future of TEE education in Colombia. We explored opportunities for formal and informal education. It was also a good time for companionship and for the leadership of STNS to get a better grasp of the realities faced by the TEE Centers.
TEE Meeting - Colombia

TEE Meeting - Colombia

These first four months, as you can see were of great activity, but we were able to see God's hand in all things, directing, motivating, and renewing our strengths. God is faithful and will continue to be faithful!

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