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Significant Events in 2013

After a long time of silence, we want to re-establish, once again, contact with our readers and highlight a few events that marked the life and ministry of our family in the year 2013 which happened after our last published article in this blog.

We are thankful for our readers' patience during this time in which we have not published any additional news. Our ministerial responsibilities, and the whole learning process of our new functions both as president and administrator of the seminary has limited our time to keep this blog updated. But here are some of the most significant moments of the second part of 2013.

Golden Anniversary of the Pires family

In July of 2013, God gave us the privilege to be with Liliana's parents in Cape Verde to celebrate together with the whole family their 50th wedding anniversary. Fernando had the honor of conducting the ceremony as master of ceremonies, while Rev. Gilberto Évora was the minister conducting the renewal of vows for the Pires couple. The ceremony took place in the beautiful Mindelo Church of the Nazarene in Cape Verde.
50th Anniversary Celebration
During this time we had the opportunity to reestablish connection with some churches from the Cape Verde District where we had the opportunity to preach and share about our ministry in missionary services.
Missions' service in Mindelo

Distinguished Visitors at STNS

We had the privilege of hosting several events during 2013. Twice we received the Latin American students enrolled in the Doctoral program DMin of Nazarene Theological Seminary of Kansas City, USA. This group has representatives from the two Latin America Regions. South America and Mesoamerica. This is a NTS initiative that opens the opportunity for students to study in their own home regions without the need of moving to the US. STNS and SENDAS (in Costa Rica) were the approved institutions to receive this group of students.
Doctoral Students

We also had the joy of meeting and hosting the first president of STNS, Dr. Wilfrido Canales. Despite the little time we had together due to the responsibilities we both had to fulfill, it was great to meet him a bit better and listen to him preach in one of our chapel services.
Dr. Wilfrido Canales in Chapel

First and Current President

Another important guest was Dr. Alfonso Ropero. During the time of promoting his new Theological Dictionary, he reserved some time to be at STNS and share a conference about the "Bible in Post-Modernity".
Dr. Alfonso Ropero

VIII AETAL Continental Theological Conference

STNS is one of the affiliated institutions of the AETAL, the Associação de Educação Teológica de América Latina, as such we had the opportunity to participate at a Theology Conference with Latin American theologians serving in different institutions and with different theological backgrounds. We shared about theology, theological education, and the relationship between the church and the academia.

Group of Participants

XXV 2013 STNS Graduation: Lic. Liliana Almeida

The academic year ended with another graduation ceremony. This was the 25th ceremony that STNS organized in its history. The theme for the ceremony was "Servants with Clean Hands and Pure Hearts", thus focusing in the minister's character that concludes his/her studies at STNS
STNS Leadership Team

The tradition of South American seminaries is to name the graduating class after a person selected by the community to be honored by his/her ministry among students, and/or contribution for academic or ecclesiastical development. This year Liliana was the person selected to receive this honor from STNS.
Entrance of Faculty

We praise God for the 21 graduates of the 2013 Graduation, two of which were graduates of the Masters program that took place based on a partnership with our sister institution from Costa Rica, SENDAS. 5 of the graduates came from the ETED program thus concluding their ministerial studies through our Theological Education Extension Centers in the North Andean Field.
2013 Graduates

São Paulo District Missionary Conference

Although these highlights have been focused on STNS, both Liliana and Fernando keep involved with the Regional Ministries of Nazarene Missions International and Missionary Mobilization, respectively.
Missionary Service
Before the end of 2013, we participated in a Missionary Conference of the São Paulo District, Brazil, which took place at the Valinhos Church. Approximately 50 leaders including pastores, NMI Presidents and people interested in serving as missionaries participated of the event. The purpose of the event was to make known the NMI ministry and some of the resources available for the local churches, it was also a time to make known the missionary needs of the denomination in the world and how as Christian in local churches one can be involved in missionary projects, and at the same time, it was an inspiration time to listen to God through preaching and devotional times with a missionary focus.
Worshiping Congregation

Speakers and District NMI President

These are the highlights that we would like to share with you since our last article. Shortly we will be sending more news about current events that are marking our lives in this new year. Stay tuned for our next article!

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